California High Speed Rail Broke Ground

Fresno County Say NO to High Speed Rail

The controversial California High Speed Rail Project finally broke ground yesterday in Fresno. I never thought I would see the day due to the numerous delays and lawsuits.

Now the next question is when will this project be completed, rather than get started.

[photo via J. Stephen Conn/flickr]

Citizens At Top Of The Org Chart: Clayton, California

Clayton, CA Organizational Chart

I just came across this organizational chart for the City of Clayton, California.

Forgive me if this is old or been done before, but I’ve never seen this type of org chart that explicitly lists CITIZENS or COMMUNITY RESIDENTS as the “true” leaders (ahead of either the City Council or County Board of Supervisors).

You read about many community leaders blow it by thinking themselves as above the law, forgetting about who is really in charge, and hurting their communities (e.g., Kwame Kilpatrick formerly of Detroit, Michigan; many of those in charge of the City of Bell, California).


[image via City of Clayton, California]