Poll: Would You Ride Or Walk More If Streets Were Safer?

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The NJ Bike & Walk Coalition asks if people “would ride or walk more if streets were safer?”

Obviously, the question is slightly ambiguous and overly general.

But the question does try to clarify the idea that making streets safer; in terms of pushing drivers to slow down, getting speeding limits reduced, designing streetscapes to be more pleasant and inviting places, improving lighting; will encourage more people to ride bicycles or walk, thus reducing the number of automobiles on road.

People have responded, with saying 97 percent answering ‘yes’ (as of 9 September 2011, 11:14PM PST).

NJ Bike Poll

Obviously, 67 participants is a small number, but it gives you a starting point toward getting more people to bike and walk. I would be interested to know why two people felt that making streets safer wouldn’t get them to ride or walk more.

There are many things to consider in trying to understand why people don’t ride or walk more. I am an advocate of complete streets where all transportation modes are considered in street design.

[photo via Mongering World | image via PJ]

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