More Confirmation That California Remains Snowless This Winter Season

California State Snowpack 2011-2012

The above image by the Sacramento Bee is very telling: the California Sierras haven’t received its normal seasonal snowfall so far this winter.

As of 3 January 2012, (of normal):
-Statewide: 19%
-Northern: 21%
-Central: 13%
-Southern: 26%

From what I’ve heard from resort operators near Lake Tahoe, they are hurting.

Below are two images I took from a run at North Star Resort in Lake Tahoe. And yes, that is grass you see in the distance. And no, those are not snow-covered trees. And no, that is not snow powder.

North Star Resort, Lake Tahoe, California

North Star Resort, Lake Tahoe, California

[image via Sacramento Bee | photos via PJ]

It Turns Out “Global Warming Is Real”

climate BEST temperature comparison

When Richard Muller launched the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project, he sought to re-analyze climate change data in order to prove that something in the data was incorrect or inaccurate.

Muller bluntly concludes after his publishing his series of studies: “Global warming is real.”

Of course, none of his studies have been peer-reviewed yet, so there is still debate left to be had. But again, here is another study that validates the underlying science and data (see image above) behind all of the research and all of the findings that global warming does exist.

[image via BEST | Washington Post]