Fun Fact: How Much John Marsh Paid For Rancho de Los Meganos

In 1937, John Marsh paid $500 for Rancho de Los Meganos, located in Contra Costa County, California. Adjusted for inflation, Marsh paid the equivalent of $12,195.12 in today’s currency (2013).

The historic John Marsh Home along with 3,659 acres of natural habitat is currently being planned as a new California State Park.

Pershing County Courthouse In Lovelock, Nevada

Lovelock, NV

Bored during a recent trip to Reno, Nevada, my friend and I decided to take a supposed short trip to check out the Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge. It wasn’t short, and we couldn’t find any easy spot to observe the refuge.

Unsuccessful, we decided to stop by the nearby City of Lovelock. Above was what really caught my eye: Pershing County Courthouse (designed by Frederick J. Delongchamps).

[photo via Kummerle/flickr]

Inflatable Stonehenge: The First Pop-Up Landmark


Artist Jeremy Deller created an life-size model of Stonehenge in celebration of the 2012 Summer Olympics, but you don’t have to go all the way to Wiltshire to see this version; plus, you can bounce and jump around these particular former ruins.

Currently, pop-up restaurants are very hip now. Parklets are in vogue. Jeremy Deller is taking the pop-up concept to a whole new level with pop-up landmarks.

[photo via Frédéric Vincent/Wikimedia Commons]