BART System Map Redesigned For Super Mario Bros.

Artist Joshing Uno redesigned the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system map for Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. See the second image; the first image isn’t bad either as a redesign for Mario Kart.

And yes, you can buy the print version.

[link via ParisLemon]

Caught Mapping (1940)

How to make a treasure map

Watching Caught Mapping (1940) makes me extremely appreciative of technology like GPS and software like GIS in modern cartography. While we still can’t really get away from field work to gather actual and reliable updated road information, I think computers have made physically updating and producing maps less laborious.

As for those driving duos who braved 115 degree heat to obtain up-to-date road information, you were truly road warriors.

Thanks to CharacterControl for the video below.

[photo via My Tornado Alley]