Webinar: Making Our Voices Heard – Strengthening FTA’s Title VI And Environmental Justice Protections

Environmental Justice Now

Public Advocates Inc. hosted a webinar earlier today (10 November 2011, 12 to 1PM) on the potential impacts of revisions to the Federal Transit Administration‘s Title VI that highlights environmental justice in public transportation policy decision-making.

“Making Our Voices Heard: Strengthening FTA’s Title VI and EJ Protections for Public Transportation” is available as both a PDF and an archived webinar recording. The latter is especially appreciated as most webinars are never made available post recording (at least in my experience).

If you have comments on the revisions, please submit them here. Comment submittal ends 2 December 2011.

Public Advocates collaborated with a group of nonprofit organizations, including Urban Habitat and Transform.

For more information, please see the FTA’s archived webinar on Environmental Justice (PDF) and Title VI (PDF).

[photo via Fruit of the Orchard]