Wi-Fi On Amtrak’s Capitol Corridor Service Line Still Expected By End Of 2011

Amtrak's Capitol Corridor

According to the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA), Amtrak still expects to have Wi-Fi on its Capitol Corridor Service line by the end of 2011.

The East Coast already has Wi-Fi service on many of its Amtrak services lines already. Having ridden the Capitol Corridor from Davis to San Jose (and back), I can say accessing Wi-Fi and having Internet availability would make that nearly three hour trip more enjoyable and pleasant. Although it has yet to establish a firm deadline, here’s hoping that the CCJPA meets its target.

UPDATE: As of 28 November 2011, Amtrak turned on Wi-Fi service in time for Cyber Monday for its Capitol Corridor, San Joaquin, and Pacific Surfliner lines.

[photo via Ingrid Taylar/About]