What Happened To Planners Without Borders?

Planners Without Borders

As I understand it, Planners Without Borders was started in response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Since then, PWB has seemingly faded away.

The website hasn’t been updated since April 2010, or more likely March 10, 2010 when the organization uploaded its Bylaws.

A WHOIS search indicates the domain will expire in January 2012. There doesn’t appear to be a real contact for the site, but the original owner was perhaps from Utah.

The idea behind Planners Without Borders makes a lot of sense, spreading planning expertise around the globe especially in places where it’s lacking. Maybe someone will restart the PWB project in the future.

UPDATE: There is an open discussion group on LinkedIn dedicated to the cause. Supposedly, an official PWB is still in the early stages. Stay tuned…

ANOTHER UPDATE: The organization has been dissolved. From Tracy: “I regret to announce the dissolution of the organization Planners without Borders Inc. I have decided that due to current economic circumstances, I can no longer finance the organization.”

[screenshot of Planners Without Borders via PJ]