Did Anyone Doubt Menlo Park Would Approve Facebook Expansion Project?

Facebook's Menlo Park Campus

On Tuesday night (17 April 2012), the Menlo Park City Council unanimously approved the plans for Facebook’s multimillion dollar campus expansion.

Did anyone doubt this project would not get approved?

This reminds me of the similar situation that the City of Cupertino was in when Steve Jobs blessed the City Council with his 7 June 2011 presentation of Apple’s plans for a new campus (see rendering below).

Apple'sProposed Cupertino Campus

Did anyone seriously doubt this project was going to not be approved?

Although I must say that despite the many potential benefits, residents should be somewhat antsy when their elected officials gush over such projects before any substantial planning or environmental review is done.

If I was a betting man, I would’ve loved Apple’s odds after Cupertino Mayor Gilbert Wong stated that “there [was] ‘no chance’ the city would deny the [Apple] project when it comes up for city review” (see Google’s cached search results of the Mercury News article).

[images via Social Searcher | City of Cupertino]

A Big Reason To Get An Education…

Unemployment Rate by Education, United States, Jan 2007-Jan 2011

To get a college degree or not? This question has been all the rage during the Great Recession and has continued since it ended last year.

Yes, some people never went to college or dropped out and later became very successful (see Bill Gates or Steve Jobs). But many more people decided not to attend college or dropped out and did not become successful.

There will only be one Bill Gates and one Steve Jobs.

A big reason to get an education… the more education you have, the less likely you are to be unemployed. The graph above says it all.

[image via Jess Jiang/NPR/BLS data]