BART System Map Redesigned For Super Mario Bros.

Artist Joshing Uno redesigned the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system map for Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. See the second image; the first image isn’t bad either as a redesign for Mario Kart.

And yes, you can buy the print version.

[link via ParisLemon]

Amazon Just Destroyed My Carbon Footprint For The Week…

Super Mario Brothers: 2" Mini Figures Set of 18

A pre-Christmas present to myself arrived today that I bought on Amazon. Unbeknownst to me, the Super Mario Brothers: 2″ Mini Figures Set of 18 came in a big plastic bag, which would have been fine had not every 2″ mini figure been individually wrapped in plastic. See photo above.

Thank you, Amazon. You just destroyed my carbon footprint for the week.

P.S. I know shopping at Amazon has a carbon footprint, but I thought it was better than traveling from toy store to toy store looking for the figure set.

[photo via PJ]