Three Lessons Regarding Excavation Activities


I just read NPR‘s recent article about the huge delays that construction crews have experienced while tunneling under the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, Turkey.

The excavation began eight years ago on projects intended to ease Istanbul’s notoriously clogged traffic.

The job included building a tunnel under the Bosphorus Strait and linking it to a rail and subway network. When the dig was stopped several years ago, eyes rolled and shoulders shrugged.

Istanbul is, after all, one of those grand and ancient places — like Rome, Athens or Jerusalem — where this kind of thing tends to happen often.

The article got me thinking about a couple of lessons I’ve been told over the years regarding excavation activities (I’m paraphrasing).

1. Don’t dig unless you absolutely have to.
2. Don’t dig unless you’re prepared to deal with whatever you find.
3. Call before you dig.

With bigger projects like these, construction crews are always bound to find these sorts of goodies. With smaller projects, these events are also possible.


[photo via GCPLearning/flickr]